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Spring Fashion Trends - Part Two

Spring Fashion Trends - Part Two

Spring Fashion Trends

Welcome back beauties and Happy Monday! This week we pick up where we last left off - naming the top 10 Spring Fashion Trends for 2014 inspired straight from the runways of New York, Paris, London and Milan Fashion Weeks (you can take a look at part one here). It still hasn't warmed up here, but that won't stop me from being inspired by the spirit of Spring fashion so let's get to it!

6. Mesh It Up
Mesh It UpMesh isn’t just for jerseys anymore - it’s now making it’s way into everyday fashion. Now by mesh I don’t mean just see through - I mean the actual mesh netting material. Because this material gives off a more sporty vibe, it’s best to pair it with casual pieces such as a simple pair of jeans, monotone pants or tops. Because a majority of mesh tops have no lining underneath, you can simply wear a plain tank top under but if you’re not afraid to show a little skin you can opt for a bandeau instead. The best part about this trend is that you can find pieces with smaller more close together netting for a subtle ode to the trend or pieces with bigger netting for an all out mesh attack.

Mesh It Up
1. Mesh-trimmed tech-jersey top, 2. Mesh dress, 3. Mesh-knit sheer sweatshirt, 4. Rider paneled mesh and jersey top, 5. Honeycomb-mesh mini skirt, 6. Cropped metallic mesh top, 7. Fishnet Sporty Sweatshirt,
‘Tessa’ Pleat Eyelet Skirt, 9. Babaton Davey Sweater
7. Midi Skirt
Midi Skirt
Move over mini skirt, the midi skirt is taking over. This trend was HUGE on the runways this Fashion Week. Now what I absolutely love about this trend is that you can find a midi skirt for every occasion! There are sophisticated ones, like pencil skirts, to wear to the office. There are simple jersey ones for everyday, casual looks. There are flared and flowy ones for the fashionista and there are even chic ones for going out. This length is so versatile you can really find a midi skirt for any time of the day. And though it may not seem like it, this length can really work on anyone - the trick is adjusting it to your own height. The most universally flattering way to wear this skirt is high waisted. There are so many different ways to wear this lady like trend that the possibilities are endless!
Midi Skirt
1. Pier Skirt, 2. Jersey Skirt, 3. Sequinned Skirt, 4. Flared Skirt, 5. Calf-length Skirt, 6. Sophisticated Midi Skirt, 7. Coated Pleated Skirt, 8.Pencil Skirt, 9. Wide Skirt, 10. Jersey Skirt, 11. Bell Shaped Skirt, 12. Monterey Skirt
7. Words With Fashion
Words With Fashion
Oh yes ladies, T-shirts and sweaters are making their way into high fashion. What I love about this trend is that literally ANYONE can wear this! It’s all about taking the casual everyday t-shirt or sweatshirt and styling it fashionably. This trend is also very easy to find - just any simple top with text will do. My favourite collection of tees with text graphic HAS to be from the fashion blogger turned entrepreneur designer Sincerely Jules. She’s got great tees and sweatshirts for sale on her site and shows chic ways of turning a plain piece into high fashion - I always turn to Jules for fashion outfit inspirations (and if you didn’t already know, Jules is the creator behind the infamous Célfie shirt which even celebs have been spotted in!). Because this trend is so simple, you can truly wear it with anything from statement jewellery to printed pants to leather jackets - whatever your heart desires. This trend is truly yours to run wild with.

Words With Fashion
1. Célfie Raglan Sweatshirt, 2. Célfie T-Shirt, 3. Alexander Wang Parental Advisory mesh and jersey Sweatshirt4. Off Duty Sweatshirt, 5. Magnifique Tee, 6. Yes To Love Tee, 7. Viva La Moda! Tee, 8. Sorry, We’re Cool Tee, 9. Ballin’ In Paris T-Shirt, 10. Meow Sweatshirt, 11. Dream-Believe-Achieve Sweatshirt, 12. Viscose Top
9. Pastel
I feel like this trend is just a no brainer during this time of year. This is one trend that will always be important during Spring for years to come. What I love about this trend is that you can have a little dash of it in your outfit or a big one. If you’re looking for a more subtle hint of pastel, focus on accessories. You can wear anything from a pastel necklace to bracelet which will add hints of this beautiful trend to your outfit. But if you want to launch a full assault on this trend, there are numerous pieces to try from skirts to tops. If you’re a little bold, why not try wearing a pastel top and bottom? There are many pieces nowadays that come with a top and bottom in the same colour or pattern so you can pair those together for a monochromatic look or mix up colours. Now don’t just pair any random shades together - the key is find which colours complement each other without being too overwhelming like a pastel blue with a pastel green or a pastel pink with a pastel green. Don’t be afraid to have fun with this trend!

1. Retro Crochet Top, 2. Detailed Knit Sweater, 3. Pastel Gingham Skirt4. Guipure Lace Top, 5. Jacquard Trousers With Faux Leather Piping, 6. Box Pleat Skirt With Elastic Waistband, 7. Stretch Knit Pencil Skirt, 8. Catalina Dress, 9. Pointed High Heel Court Shoe With Ankle Strap, 10. Subtle Thing Crossbody, 11. Tokarski Necklace, 12. Floral Pastel Cuff
10. Floral
This is also another trend that I feel is just a staple during the Spring season. With plants and flowers blooming this time of year it only seems fitting to wear pieces that reflect this miracle of Mother Nature. One particular variation of this trend that was huge on the runways was a Hawaiian floral print. Now don’t be scared - I know when you hear the words ‘Hawaiian floral print’ you think of those ugly Hawaiian shirts but that isn’t the case. The fashion world has found a way to make this print actually look chic and almost vintage. If you’re not into this print, you can definitely find pieces with simple floral designs like daisies, but the big trend this season is a mish-mosh of floral prints and patterns. One flower over and over again doesn't cut it - look for pieces with extra elements added to the floral print such as leaves, feathers, colours or more flowers!

1. Cotton Shirt, 2. Combination Printed Trouser, 3. Printed Shorts 4. 5 Pocket Printed Trouser, 5. Printed Shirt Style Blouse, 6. Daisy Darling Bib Necklace, 7. Picking Daisies Woven Shorts, 8. Island Life Bomer Jacket, 9. Floral Satin Pleated Shorts, 10. Feathers and Floral Fantasy Print, 11. Floral Fantasy Woven Jogger, 12. Vibrant Floral Bib Necklace
There you have it beauties! Hope you enjoyed my top 10 Spring Fashion Trends for 2014 and be sure to tune in later this week for part two of my top 10 Spring Beauty Trends! 

You can check out the first part here.

Which Spring trends are you excited to try for this season? Let me know in the comments below!

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Until next time, stay beautiful and stay fabulous! xoxo



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